We are excited to report that after a very sucessful Gathering in Sweden, volunteers have offered to organise a Gathering in Ohio in the USA in 2020 (as below) and the following year in Monteal, Canada.  A big thank you to them.

ipea_ohio_header.jpgAnnouncing the International Polarity Educational Alliance 2020 Conference

Lakeside, Ohio, USA September 10-13, 2020

We invite you to join us on the shores of Lake Erie, where the IPEA 2020 Conference promises to awaken your vision.

Sharing knowledge with a global group of like-minded PolarityTherapists, we will find our still-point in a Rajasic world.

Be prepared to connect with nature and become engaged in a higher consciousness way of thinking, giving you tools for the '20s.

At this time we are inviting presentation proposals 

Please send your proposal to