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The venue is the Viskadalens folkhögskola och kursgård situated in the Seglora region of western Sweden. Situated in the middle of the countryside it is about 30 minutes from Gothenburg airport.




Intuitive Yoga……Mindfulness of Source

                   Taught by Eleanora Lipton


     I offer this retreat as an introduction to Intuitive Yoga (IY), an effortless approach in the light of what Dr. Stone called Easy Stretching Exercises. 

Working primarily with those in the age range of 50 - 97 who experience amazing results, the process is simple.  I help find where the energy is strong in your body and your breath; stronger than you may realize.  Next you will learn how to direct that energy into the area you wish to move more freely.  Guiding the process in this way is what you will experience and see demonstrated.  In this short introduction, you will receive three basic fundamentals that will transform your practice and your assistance to others.

     IY is a simple process of accessing breath and energy into areas of pain, tightness, and limitation.  Utilizing the patterns of the elemental energies as taught in Polarity Therapy, blockages of energy experienced as stiffness and pain, can be nourished by the energy moving in and through the corresponding areas.  For example, if the hips are tight, we begin by gently moving the energy in the shoulders.

  Most people focus on where they hurt and feel weak.  The IY process turns our attention to the strong places, the areas where the life force is moving, and miracles of movement happen.

    I am very excited to share this journey with you.  I am very happy to offer this on a donation basis.  This retreat is open to all who wish to cultivate their mind’s eye, and experience this natural expansion of the body.  And, in turn, help your clients and students feel more connected to their body/energy awakening.   The freedom in your body can always be more.  As we say in yoga, the smallest micro movement can become the most expansive realization.

    Polarity Therapy is the fundamental of energy.  Hatha Yoga is the fundamental of movement.  Intuitive Yoga is a path for wholeness to Source.

Intuitive Yoga Retreat begins at 10am, Wednesday, June 12, 2019 through to lunch on Thursday, June 13.

Location is our conference site for the IPEA gathering.

Tuition is a suggested donation of $150 Euros;  $171 US;  1557 Kronas.

  Everyone is welcome.  This is an all inclusive event from beginners to experienced.

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