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Created in 2010 by a group of over 30 Polarity Educators from the USA, Canada and Europe

'An Alliance is an agreement or friendship between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests'


People joining together from around the world helping to foster Polarity Energy Principles

People coming together to share, support and create community 

Since the creation of the first Polarity Therapy Associations in the late 1970's and early 1980's most associations have offered a registration process for members after they have completed their training. The initials granted such as, for example, RPT and RPP are normally only granted for usage whilst you are still a full member of the relevant association. If you discontinue your membership you are expected to stop using the initials. To many teachers and long time practitioners of Polarity Therapy this situation has seemed unfairly discriminatory or unjust. 

The International Polarity Education Alliance was created in 2010. This initiative grew out of the ongoing discussion and debate in the Polarity Council Group that was formed in 2000. This is a group of over 30 Polarity Educators from the USA, Canada and Europe who regularly explore all aspects of the future of Polarity.

The Inaugural Gathering for the Polarity Education Alliance was held from November 12-14 2010.


The International Polarity Education Alliance recognises that those who have reached a specific level of Polarity Education should be granted the right to use a set of initials that provides life-long recognition for their accomplishment, in much the same way as post secondary educational milestones are recognised.

EPP, Energy Principles Practitioner is for those individuals who incorporate Polarity Therapy Principles in their chosen field.

PTP, Polarity Therapy Professional is for those individuals who have completed comprehensive training or mentoring in Polarity Therapy and are committed to professional practice. 

The Alliance is neither a training organisation nor a practitioner organisation. There are no ongoing annual fees simply a one time only small administration fee of $30.

There are currently over 300 members of the Alliance throughout the world.


The Alliance also recognises the need for community and sharing and to honour these, individual members organise regular Gatherings.

To date Gatherings have been held in the USA, Ireland, England and Germany.  

These events are non profit and all costs are kept to a minimum to ensure that all who wish to attend, can attend.


The IPEA website has the largest collection of materials appertaining to Polarity to be found anywhere.

It includes 3 virtual museums dedicated to the founders of Polarity, a library, lecture rooms and photo galleries. It houses numerous articles on Polarity as well as audio and video presentations.  

There is a small annual fee for access

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