An Open Space

The International Polarity Education Alliance

By  John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D

Imagine IPEA as an open space, a big empty room. The IPEA space is created to support an infinite number of manifestations of Polarity Energy Principles.  When you walk in the walls are the Polarity Open Source Standards. Everything that happens in the space resonates with the Open Source Standards. The space can be filled with many different possibilities. Imagine a space where shops can be set up and taken down and the space is empty again. Shops are like member organizations. Then imagine the space becoming a conference room supporting communication and networking. This is individuals who apply Polarity Energy Principles in their life and professional practices wanting to share. Next imagine that the space is cleared and a group creates a celebration, a party, that is congruent with the energy principles.  This is everyone celebrating and honoring the joy working with Polarity Energy Principles has brought to their lives.

Within the space of IPEA the Polarity field is unified. Everyone is welcome. Everyone has their own unique way of understanding and expressing Polarity Energy Principles. Within the space of IPEA Polarity is always celebrated and it’s founder Dr. Stone is always honored and will always be present to watch the seed he planted growing into a tree of life bearing many fruits.

Graphics by Morag Campbell ©2013