"The Gathering in Dublin was an amazing mix of many unique individuals. Some just starting out in their journey in Polarity, some at a cross roads as to how to be in this world of polarity, to other masters of the work all of us sharing a common connection and a beautiful feeling of heart felt communication through love.  A real international collective gathering from the continents of  Australia, USA, Europe (UK, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland) and South Africa.  I loved the feel and energy of like minded and heartfelt individuals coming together.  I personally felt renewed, connected and eternally grateful for our teachers, ancestors and masters of this art sharing their wisdom and knowledge and would highly recommend attendance at the next Gathering."  Jane

irish_clover1247614885.jpg THURSDAY 19th September


11am to 12.30 am CHECK IN


2.30pm OPENING  "Céad míle fáilte"  a hundred thousand welcomes.

4pm SYMPOSIUM - THE NEXT GENERATION The future of Polarity



irish_clover1247614885.jpgFRIDAY 20th September






2.30pm POLARITY BASED MOVEMENT - SYNERGY DANCE/YOGA with Danielle Vierling. dv.jpg(Ireland) Danielle is a Polarity therapist, Synergy Yoga/Dance teacher based in Dublin. Enjoy as Daniele as she leads us through a healing circle meditation, slow, gentle warm-up with Dr. Stone's polarity postures and yoga, followed by playful, easy Synergy (elemental,Ether, Water, Earth, Fire, Air) movement in a circle around the space to world music, and wind-down into still-motion

6.30pm SUPPER


irish_clover1247614885.jpgSATURDAY 21st September




 10am THE FIVE STAR ENERGY PATERN with Heather Principe (USA) Heather is founder andheather_small.jpg owner of the Yoga and Polarity Center, New York.

Using the understandings so beautifully explained by the yogic terminology in Bruce Berger’s Esoteric Anatomy, and  the Energetic mythology of the Five Pointed Star as described in Dr. Stones Collected Works, we will explore the Five Pointed Star from its “creationary”  movement in the body.   Through exploration of the movement of the Diaphragm we will visit the movement of the Five Pointed star and how it deeply affects the structural continuum over time

  1pm LUNCH


2.30pm UNEARTHING THE TREASURE Dr. STONE'S UNPUBLISHED WRITINGS - .Phil Young (Ireland) Co-Founder of Masterworks International - a specialist training provider for Polarity Therapy. Symposium. A chance to take look at and discuss new material from Dr. Stone.  


  4pm  Jane_Seaman_2010-1.jpgRAISING YOUR GAME WITH POLARITY THERAPY - Jane Seaman (UK). PTP, MNH, Raw.Dip, ITEC

A practical workshop in using the polarity principles to transform a business owner or leaders vision into reality. We will do the Wallpaper Exercise !

This will be carried out in small groups, with one of each group using their own business or practice or even personal workplace dilemma that they would like to transform as an example to work through. Jane is an accomplished & experienced direstor, manager & trainer. She has a unique perspective having worked & practised for many years in the world of business as well as being a respected practitioner in the art of energy medicine.

 6.30 pm SUPPER

AutumnEquinox.jpgSUNDAY 22nd September 


 WORKSHOP 1eleanora_pic.jpg

10am  INTUITIVE YOGA with Eleanora Lipton (USA) Founding Director of Atlanta Polarity and Intuitive Yoga Center. Following the energy - empowering the energy through easy stretching postures and asana.


10am  POLARITY IS THE JOURNEY HOME with Peter Wydler (Switzerland)peter wydler polarity therapist

 The eternal soul, ultimate goal of the mystic paths, can be reached through the body. This fundamental underlying idea is found in various forms throughout the writings of Dr.Stone and makes polarity what it is; a rare and unique spiritual therapy.We will explore how this "journey back home" can be supported through meditation,awareness based touch and verbal communication.



DEPART   " May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door." Irish Blessing


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