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The International Polarity Education Alliance is now open to forming organisational alliances worldwide

The IPEA values the creative application of Dr. Randolph Stone’s Polarity Energy Principles in all areas of life.

Working with Polarity Energy Principles can inspire unlimited possibilities for creatively adapting to the changes required for high quality living in all aspects of life.

Working with Polarity Energy Principles provides an energy framework for the integration of all healing modalities.

Working with Polarity Energy Principles can enhance the effectiveness of all professional fields.

The IPEA values that Polarity Energy Principles can be expressed, taught, and practiced in many creative and diverse ways.

Polarity Energy Principles can be taught through Dr. Stone’s understanding of Polarity Therapy as expressed in his writings. The Polarity Standards for Practice, internationally used by many Polarity schools, are based on learning Polarity Energy Principles through bodywork, exercise, and nutrition healing modalities used by Dr. Randolph Stone.

The IPEA recognizes that Polarity Energy Principles can be taught through diverse skills sets. For example Polarity Energy Principles can be taught through the creative arts, life coaching, counseling, sports, and business.

The IPEA recognizes that Polarity Energy Principles can be taught through the integration of diverse skill sets. For example energy based touch skills can be integrated into life coaching skills. Although the skill sets appear different on the surface the student recognizes they are congruent based on a common energy denominator.

The IPEA values that organizations teaching Polarity Energy Principles take many different forms and names. The most obvious form is a school that advertises to teach Polarity Therapy based learning of Dr. Stone’s methods of applying Polarity Energy Principles. The less obvious may be a school of Life Coaching that integrates life coaching skills through Polarity Energy Principles.

The IPEA values that all organizations teaching Polarity Energy Principles are important for the advancement of quality living. IPEA does not set standards for practice based on specific skills sets. IPEA recognizes that each organization is responsible for setting skill standards which are taught in an organized curriculum. IPEA does acknowledge that these organizations use Polarity Energy Principles to teach specific skills sets through an energy understanding. 

The IPEA values creating a space, both virtual and physical, where all schools and organizations can share and learn from each other in order to continually improve and refine their expression of Polarity Energy Principles.

The IPEA member organizations share the values of IPEA. They seek to creatively teach, practice and apply Polarity Energy Principles as stated in IPEA’s Open Source Standards and are congruent with IPEA’s ethics.

The IPEA does not monitor member organizations. Member organizations become members to support the values of IPEA and contribute to an open space where Polarity Energy Principe’s can be shared in communicated in diverse ways. Each organization has its own unique way of teaching Polarity Energy Principles. If you are interested in these organizations you are responsible for checking out their approach, curriculum, and practices. If their programs is congruent with your life goals than you will learn Polarity Energy Principles and a skill set that is important for your personal development.

List of Allied Organisations

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