Ann Watters (US)

Work Phone 1-503-581-6512
Website http://www.
About My Work Polarity Therapy is a profession in Oregon at the BCPP level. You do not need another credential to practice. I have a practice and teach 2 classes a year in lovely green Salem, Oregon USA. I teach maximum 2 persons per class, I have many years of experience.

I can assist you with pain relief, relationship issues, and diet, exercise. I have studied; Tai Chi, Qigong, ballroom, jazz, ballet, herbs, homeopathy, supplements, essential oils..all applied using polarity principles. Polarity energy understanding is the energy basis of the physical, emotional, mental creations.

My sessions are designed individually to bring balance and relief and sanity within the client. Peace of mind results. Happy days are here again! We are here to become real human beings. Polarity sets the stage for other steps in a person's evolution to occur naturally if so destined. Come to Salem and grow and mend from the chaos of fear, attachment, anger, desire and grief running your life and causing disease in the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Seek to live to the fullest.

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