Corine Frankland (US)

Work Phone 505-629-3922
About My Work As a Somatic Polarity Therapist, I use my training in
the fields of counseling psychology and somatic
energy work to provide holistic wellness services
for my clients. During each session, verbal
dialogue is combined with bodywork to identify
blockages or stagnation in the energetic system.
Using imagery, mindfulness, breath work, and
intuitive coaching, I guide clients in the release of
unhealthy thought patterns while simultaneously
releasing the corresponding energetic distortions in the body. As the body begins to clear, I work closely with clients to
envision and create healthy energetic and
behavioral patterns for optimal functioning and

During sessions, I see myself as a witness to your
story, whether that story is told through verbal
sharing, through your body, or both. I strive to
listen deeply and bring a clear sense of presence
to our sessions. I pay attention to the wisdom of
each client’s body, allowing it to communicate its
needs and boundaries within a given session.
Some clients release material quickly, while others
need time to build trust before surrendering to the
healing process. Whatever the timeline of your
body, I bring patience, compassion, and
unconditional regard to our work together.

Wherever you are on your journey, I look forward
to discussing how we can work together.


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