Renée Speijcken (NL)

Work Phone +31 (0) 627392242
Website http://www.
About My Work Polarity Therapy is an integral part of my therapy and (somatic) coaching work with a variety of clients, both through my own business as well as through Maastricht University for the last 4 years now. I would like to add a question here. Polarity therapy is still not very known in the Netherlands, which makes it harder to get it recognized by for instance Dutch insurance companies. What seems to help, this according to some of my fellow therapists and coaches, is - even though this is just a form of lipservice to a certain extent, - if there would be some kind of 'quality stamp' or 'certification stamp' by an organisation as this for instance, to validate the education and quality of the PTP 'title'. This could be use to add on our websites, or on invoices for instance. Just an idea and curious about your view on this. Kindest and thank you

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