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The International Polarity Education Alliance offers a public listing of allied trainings worldwide with a focus on "Polarity Education," in its broadest meaning. Any Polarity Therapy training or educational programme that uses Polarity principles can join.

The trainings and courses featured on this website range from courses on Polarity Principles applied to personal growth to full trainings in the therapeutic system of Polarity Therapy to practitioner level as set out by the founder of the system Dr Randolph Stone DO DC ND.

Atlanta Polarity & Intuitive Yoga Center

E-mail elyoga@aol.com
Work Phone Skype: eleanora.lipton
Website http://www.atlantapolaritycenter.com
Address 2964 Hardman Court
Atlanta, GA 30305

Intuitive Yoga Retreat in Andalucia, Spain. August 23 - 30, 2014

Intuitive Yoga is the practice of listening deeply to one's body, heart and spirit as it grows and flourishes. Based on Hatha Yoga and Polarity energy principles, this process unlocks blockages and grows one's natural ability to stretch, strengthen and breathe. Everyone can do yoga. If you can breathe you can do yoga! With the energy principles of Polarity Therapy applied to postures and movement, one feels a deep stirring of the body letting go of tension, actualizing expansion through the whole form and invigoration of Spirit.
Teachers track runs through this week as well. Certificates of participation will be given. First full course in Europe! Incredibly priced at $500 US$ for full week.
Accommodations are additional. Suryalila Retreat Center, visit now!

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