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Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training

E-mail shola@shola.co.uk
Work Phone +44 845 130 1918
Website http://www.energy4lifecoach.com/
Address Courses are held in Central London UK.

Energy 4 Life draws on powerful healing modalities, ancient spiritual traditions, quantum science and contemporary coaching practices. Strongly rooted in Yoga and Polarity. We offer tools and techniques that support people to have all the energy needed to live Healthy, Happy and Successful Lives. This is a comprehensive and practical, 12 day (252 hour) training, that will transform your life and give you the qualification and confidence to work with clients. ,,An opportunity to restore health and reach your potential in body, mind and spirit, working closely with Shola Arewa, Author of Opening to spirit, Way of the Chakras and Energy 4 Life. The training offers a synergy of powerful teachings designed to help you uplift energy levels, build awareness and develop your knowledge of working with Energy. This course stands for Excellence in Energy Training.

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