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For a fully qualified Polarity Therapist who is trained in all aspects of Polarity Therapy the right to use the initials PTP will be granted. PTP stands for Polarity Therapy Professional. This diploma and the usage of the initials is granted in perpetuity and is not dependent on any on-going membership fees. The Alliance website has a huge resource section, accessible for a small fee. The use of these resources will be of immense value to your on-going practice as well as your personal and professional development. 

If you have trained in only some aspects of the Polarity Principles or the full Polarity Therapy model you can apply for the usage of the initials EPP which stands for Energy Principles Practitioner. This option is ideally suited to graduates of all trainings that focus on personal growth through Polarity Principles or just aspects of the Polarity Therapy model such as bodywork or energy exercise.  

If you are just beginning your studies of Polarity energy principles you can apply for Energy Student status with the Alliance. This acknowledges your commitment to the learning process and at a later date as you progress through your Polarity education you upgrade to EPP and then PTP status. There are no extra charges when you upgrade. As an Energy Student you are part of an International Alliance and benefit from reduced attendance fees at Gatherings.   

You do not have to have completed training with any of the teachers, schools or organisations listed on this website to apply for the usage of these initials. We will evaluate and, where appropriate, approve all requests for membership.  

Please fill out the form below fully to apply to be recognised for your particular level of Polarity Education.  There is a small initial administration fee for this service ($30). There are no annual fees.Should your application be unsuccessful the fee is refunded in full. Successful candidates will receive an International Polarity Education Alliance diploma stating your rights to the usage of the initials.

N.B. access to all the IPEA resources is independent of the Energy Student, EPP or PTP fee and is available on a further payment of $5 for two weeks access or $25 for one year. 

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Please note that we may ask you to provide other evidence of your qualifications such as scans of diplomas etc. You should receive confirmation of your application status within 7 days. For updates please contact admin at polarityeducation.org.

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