Dera, Jan 8th. 9.30 pm. 1970 (by Dr Randolph Stone)


The Well of Humility:


1) Humility is like a Well,

In its empty space it can dwell.

The deeper it is, the more it can hold

Of the Lord's Grace, for humility to unfold.


2) As the full ear of grain bends low,

It really is humilities bow,

Which by the Creators design

Worships at the deepest shrine.


3) Its useful grain is its shield,

There are no glances to Vanity to yield.

Service and loyal devotion

Are its integrated life Motion.


4) Humility is the fullness of the seeming void

Which the force in Creation has destroyed.

Humility conceals the Father's hidden Love

In His Eternal Wonder Region from above.


Dera, Jan 9th. 1970

A beautiful day. Maharaj Ji just left for Sirsa, with Mother and Shoti in the Shevi, loaded full. The Wedding is over and Maharaj Ji needs a change and some rest. The Dera was scrubbed and cleaned from bottom to top, even the trees white washed. The impossible was accomplished. The old shacks and vendors stalls were all torn down and a wide clean road fills its place, plus a new modern building in the shade of trees for serving hot drinks and snacks which they had before in those stalls. So everyone is happy and provided for with Comfort and in clean surroundings.

It is like a miracle of Love for every one.

Love travels in graceful curves of beauty and artfull expression of warmth & feeling everywhere in hearts and in Nature.

Whereas Intellect and force are cold and travel in straight lines directly to the objective.

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