Memories of Being with Dr. Stone

by Cindy Rawlinson B.A. Lic. Ac.

I first met Dr. Stone at a small seminar he gave in California at the home of Dr. Robert Hall in the spring of 1971. I was a schoolteacher at that time. For four days I listened to Dr. Stone speak, experimented with techniques that he taught in class, and observed him treating “difficult cases” each day after class. It was like stepping onto another planet! The concept of body energy was foreign and so was the idea that it could be balanced or imbalanced!

I was caught in the net of Dr. Stone’s enthusiasm and love. The work was exciting. Those of us who were students could feel the results on ourselves and see it in others as we practiced in class.

When he concluded that first class, he left a group of enthusiastic followers. We purchased the Polarity books, and met in a small group to experiment with various techniques. We tried out the work on friends and relatives. The feedback was consistent. People benefitted. A stroke victim got more mobility; headaches disappeared; digestive problems got better.

Dr. Stone made return visits to California and taught more seminars. His following increased. He was delighted that his audience was growing, and that there was a growing understanding of treating the cause, not the symptoms of disease.

Dr. Robert Hall remembers Dr. Stone’s happiness:

“He was delighted. He was suddenly being taken seriously by a large group of people disaffected with orthodox, allopathic methods…He would say to me, ‘Just think of it…eighty students in my workshop! Why it was a large room, too, and the hall was full of people. They want to know! They need some practical answers. This work gets to the causes of disease, not just the symptoms, but the causes! I’m so grateful that I’ve been given this opportunity.’” (Quoted from Dr. Stone’s biography, Polarity Therapy, Volume II).

In 1973, at the age of 83, he made his final trip to India. (For many years he had lived there half of each year, running a Free Clinic on the grounds of the spiritual Colony where his spiritual teacher lived.) There he retired and spent the last eight years of his life developing his inner meditation, living at the Ashram of his Spiritual teacher.

I was fortunate to make five extended stays to that spiritual Colony between 1972 and 1980, and to have the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Stone there. On the excuse of treating an old knee injury, I would visit him most afternoons. I remember those afternoons as very happy times. Dr. Stone was full of fun. He often had a special treat to offer—some honey from the Himalayas or freshly pressed almond oil that someone had given him. He was very generous in many ways, and loved to share what he had.

When I first visited him in retirement, we did a lot of body work. I worked on his knee injury, and also gave treatments to his niece and companion, Louise. One afternoon I was working on Louise. She was lying under a pile of blankets, as it was a cold day in winter. Dr. Stone passed by the door as I was working on her foot. He calmly said, “Just move your thumb a little down and to the left.” That was the reflex spot that helped the entire block to unwind! How did he know? I’ve spent years trying to answer that question.

Dr. Stone was no taller than myself, but he had the body structure of a laborer. So one had the impression of a large man. His hands were big, and full of vitality. I still have a body memory of what his hand felt like on my back! His touch was penetrating, whether he was using a very light, satvic touch or breaking up crystallizations through tamasic work. He would often accompany the movement of energy in a treatment with an exclamation, “There! All you have to do is move the blocks!”

Dr. Stone had insatiable curiosity. It’s just the way his mind worked. He often would hand me a simple magazine article that explained how magnets worked, or how oil can be extracted from food to use as gasoline in an automobile! He loved the unique. Even in his retirement he enjoyed looking for the cause underneath the ordinary function of practically anything! Everything got related back to his understanding of energy flows. He often said, “Nothing new is created, only man discovers what is and then it exists for him when he can name it, or lay his hands on it and use the energy for his purpose.”

This quality not only made him curious about how things worked in the world, but also led to an interest in deep introspection. For many years he was a philosophical seeker, and studied many Paths. In the end he was deeply satisfied by the teaching of the Radha Soami spiritual Masters, a form of meditation that is a practice of concentration at the eye center, leading to the inner experience of the Sound and Light within. After retirement, he progressively spent more and more time doing his “inner work”, and slowly withdrew his interest from the world. One could sense that something larger was incubating inside of him. Something that words are inadequate to describe. Call it love, call it peace, call it stillness. His body became a temple that he used to research the larger question of life. What happens after death?

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