The North Star of your Life

Ach du holder Abend Stern
Du leuchtest mir so von der Fern.

Oh thou glorious Evening Star
Thou shinest for me so from afar.

What is worthwhile in this world to set your Compass by
and to steer the Ark of your Being over this sea of life?

All obstacles are tests and toys of resistance to wrestle with
so we gain experience and strength in kindergarten of life
and external existence.

No muscle fibre can get strong without use against resistance.
That is all this experience is for; if we come but see it and use each
one has a step in the staircase of our experience

A good mariner on the Ocean always sets his compass by the North Star.
We too have such a North Star within us, as a fixed staple Reality
of our Being.

It is the Creator, and His sound current, as the Logos,
the Word, which is the essence of all there is, was and can be,
it is called the Shabd.

Its star is inside of us. If we fix all our attention on that,
then our course will be straight and fruitful, leading us back
to the Source and Eternal Home in this one Reality.

Even our mortal eye can see it with the gaze of Love in our heart
and mind, as we behold the life around us.
But unless we have found the Star of Abraham within us, it won't
reflect the surroundings, nor in the hearts and minds and in
the light of the eyes in other living Beings we meet.
We see only what is awake within us, what we are aware of.
Only what we radiate and give ourselves does the Mirror of Life reflect.
Nothing more or less. Life is the Magic Mirror of our soul and mind.
Love is the Jewel in the setting of our living.
It is the selfless treasurer of the Eternal;
the pearl of great price, for which the wise man and the devotee
of the Lord surrender all and buy that pearl instead.

It is the richness of Life which gives to all of its own self,
in service and in Love without thought of reward, or time, or effort.
It is the selfless life of service to humanity in His Vineyard
Of inner richness of love, humility and kindness to all
that lives and has being..
All is His manifested being, His life in form
His created projection of the all mindful manifestations in forms of
every possible variety.
In this multiplicity does the One shine in all His creation, the single
eye, the third eye of illumination of His devotees who really see
the cause of all that is, and are not deluded by its mirage of
forms and frames of matter in its setting.
One offsets the other and blends into a harmonious whole,
whose form is nature and God it’s Soul.
What richness and fullness of life lies on the way of virtue
unperceived on the way to the North Star and its path to the Reality
of life. The Creator Himself, in form and beyond all form, in
the essence of Oneness.

Krishna said: " I create the universe with a portion of myself,
and I myself remain separate."
The devotee in the vineyard of the Lord Shabd finds this great prize
of the one pearl of all Being.
It is the spoken chord of Reality that resounds thru all Eternity in
its Creative Wonder and Art of Life in all its multiplicity.

What a sea of Love and variety! Eyes we have and see it not,
and ears we have and hear not its call from on high,
in the plaintive notes of all that is nearby.
How great is our inner darkness?
Jewels He gives, everywhere, and shells we gather and store
and fight for more.
But the pearl in the shells, and the Love in which it swells,
is lost to our greedy eyes for more.
The beauty we miss everywhere and see only the Grab of the
existent shore.
We pray for the jewel, and shells we gather more.
If we can't see, how can we find that which we do not feel,
radiate, or project?
Would the Creators Life be in all His Creation, and sustain all,
if He did not project His Life in and thru all?
Unconcerned is the selfless Cause, the life and Essence of all there
One in the Centre, and Myriads on the surface,
Like a diamond and its rays,
Like the atom and its electric charge displays.

Who can fathom such beauty and mystery?
Only the Lovers can, for they feel Life’s pulse and rhythm,
in this heart of clay.
To them it speaks and has its say.
It is magic world, of children in their play.
And how they love its fantasies gay.
“Therefore: you must become as little children,” said
Jesus of Nazareth in His day.
Is life a folly, or is it a play? What is its drama and who
writes that panorama and sets it on Life’s stage in colours gay?

Who is the wise man, the child, the villain and the virgin fair
in this gala event which gets in our hair.
It touches our heart and rends it apart, so some of its juice can ooze,
and moisten the dryness of the Muse of this drama for its use.

Such is the game, of this drama without name.
Its setting is everywhere; its stage is the frame of our daily life
and its shame.

And when all is told,
In a language bold,
It lies in the path of this North most Star
Our Life to beautify, or to mar.

We are sweepers, and the keepers,
Of Life’s Jewels and its rules;
Of the Trash and its ash
When we struggle under its lash.

We seem to feel, that life is cold as steel,
And we play that game without shame.
Then we cry, when this double edged sword
Smites the heart and the thigh.

Then we learn to pray, in our own way,
That the rules of the game may sway
With their favor for our pile of clay.
And in such childish attitudes we stay.

And lo, life’s storm becomes the sweeper in our hold
And sweeps out all this multifold .
With a stern broom of dispassion
For a new life to fashion.

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