Open Source

International Polarity Alliance Polarity Learning Standards


The Polarity Therapy Open Source Standards are a “working” document. They are designed to assist teachers in course design and students in their research, discussions, and understandings of Polarity Therapy. Students are encouraged to keep a master copy of the standards and use it to make connections, insights, write commentaries, document references, and share quotes with other students and teachers in the alliance. Space is left after each standard for commentary, adding additional key words, Dr. Stone quotes, footnotes, annotations, pictures, and additional references. In time, the standards document should evolve through sharing and the application of the Polarity Energy Principles to new fields of knowledge, creative training programs, and new articles and books on Polarity Therapy.

Standards Presentation Format
1. The Standard Statement
2. Dr. Stone Quotes: Feel free to add a Dr. Stone Quote which is congruent with the standards. Please include the book and page number of your reference.
3. Polarity Key Words: Feel free to add terms that Dr. Stone has used to describe the standard.
4. Congruent Modality Concepts: Feel free to use terms and words from other modalities, that are congruent with the standards. If possible include the modality, and/or give a reference for the term.
5. Recommend Readings: Feel free to recommend readings that are congruent with the standard and/or a review of a book, DVD, or other source that is congruent with the standard.
6. Commentary: Feel free to write a sentence, paragraph, or article about the standard.

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